Among the packed field of PC hardware manufacturers, Lian Li is a company that arguably shouldn't even need an introduction. The quirky company has developed a devout following thanks to its focus on premium-quality aluminum computer cases that, more often that not, and come with in some rather unique designs. Over the years, the company has developed a solid reputation for its meticulous craftsmanship, durability, and elegant aesthetics. And consequently, when the company made the decision to expand beyond aluminum cases and in to other PC peripherals, that development attracted quite a bit of attention to see what kind of a touch Lian Li could bring to the rest of the PC ecosystem.

Lian Li's focus on premium products means that the company doesn't really make much in the way of products that are merely basic, and that kind of mentality has extended beyond cases and into the rest of their peripherals. Case in point is the subject of today's review: Lian Li's new all-in-one CPU cooler, the HydroShift LCD 360S AIO. Not content just to make a powerful 360 mm cooler, Lian Li has gone a step above by integrating recesses and other features to help hide the tubing around the cooler, and then for the coup de grace, added a high-quality 2.88-inch IPS display to the pump block.

Overall, this new product marks a significant milestone for Lian Li, as it combines advanced cooling technology with the company's signature aesthetic appeal, making for a cooler that's aimed at both enthusiasts and professional users seeking high-end thermal performance and visual customization. Overall, the HydroShift LCD 360S is undeniably designed first and foremost with aesthetics in mind, but the shiny pump block is backed up with one of the most powerful 360 mm cooler designs on the market today. So Lian Li is throwing everything they have at the new HydroShift coolers.

Overall, the 360S is part of a trio of HydroShift 360 mm coolers the company is launching this summer. All three share a similar design, although with some pump changes and the addition of RGB fan lighting, depending on the specific model, with the 360S effectively serving as the base model.

Lian Li HydroShift 360S AIO CPU Cooler
Type All-in-One Liquid Cooler
Dimensions 403 x 124.5 x 52 mm (radiator with fan)
Fans 3 x 120 mm Fluid Dynamic Bearing Fans
2500 RPM (max)
Display 480px x 480px IPS LCD (500 nits)
Supported Sockets Intel: LGA1700

AMD: AM5 / AM4
Warranty 6 Years
Price $180

Packaging & Bundle

Lian Li supplies the HydroShift LCD 360S in a black cardboard box with blue accents. The image on the box is trying to focus on the “tubeless” aesthetic and LCD screen, which are the major marketing points of this cooler. Custom cardboard inserts protect the cooler inside the packaging, ensuring safe shipping.

Aside from the necessary mounting hardware, we also found several plastic parts bundled with the cooler, all of which are meant to improve aesthetics. There is a right-side tube cover, which can be used to replace the left-side cover that is already installed on the cooler, plus some tube/wire guides for a clean final look.

The Lian Li HydroShift LCD 360S AIO Liquid Cooler

At first glance, the Lian Li HydroShift LCD 360S AIO CPU cooler looks a great deal like many of the typical 360 mm AIO coolers already on the market. This cooler adheres to the typical AIO structure, featuring a substantial radiator, dual hoses, and an integrated pump-block assembly. The pump-block incorporates a copper coldplate for direct CPU contact and an efficiently designed liquid pump, representing the conventional setup for AIO coolers. Lian Li employs durable rubber hoses wrapped in braided sleeving for enhanced protection, which are remarkably flexible despite their multiple layers.

The Lian Li HydroShift LCD 360S AIO features a radiator that is 27 mm thick, the standard thickness for AIO cooler radiators, which ensures its compatibility with almost any case designed to accommodate a 360 mm radiator. The radiator design utilizes the typical dual-pass cross-flow configuration, with small fins attached to thin, elongated tubes for efficient heat dissipation.

What is different than most other AIO designs are that Lian Li added metallic braces that secure the tubes, as well as a plastic cover for them. The concept is that, once installed, the tubes will be mostly hidden behind the radiator, against the right side of the case. On the other side of the radiator, Lian Li installed an aluminum plate with the company’s logo on it. This aluminum plate is removable and can be installed on either side of the radiator and in any orientation.


The main block of the Lian Li HydroShift LCD 360S AIO is an aluminum square that with a copper coldplate at its bottom and a liquid pump hidden inside it. Every HydroShift cooler has a different pump, and the 360S has the fastest – but not the most powerful – pump of the entire series to this date. It features metal hose 90° connectors with nickel edges. Although it looks very plain when unpowered, the main block features an LCD display for real-time system monitoring and customizable visual effects. Two cables exit the assembly, one for powering the pump and one that connects to a USB header and is meant to control the LCD screen.

The underside of the main block assembly of the Lian Li HydroShift LCD 360S AIO cooler features a octagonal-shaped contact plate secured to the body with nine screws. While the surface of the plate is not mirror-polished, it is sufficiently smooth and flat for efficient thermal transfer. The cooler does not come with pre-applied thermal paste; instead, the company includes a syringe of thermal compound for application during installation. The dimensions of the coldplate are approximately 60x60 mm, ensuring it covers the entirety of the CPU dies it is compatible with.

The standout feature of the Lian Li HydroShift LCD 360S AIO is its advanced IPS LCD screen, which is integrated into the main block assembly. The 2.88-inch, 480x480 pixel screen is fully customizable, enabling users to personalize the display with custom graphics, animations, or detailed system information. It can offer real-time monitoring of essential system parameters, such as CPU temperature, CPU wattage, and pump speed, providing users with immediate feedback on their system's performance. The LCD screen's vibrant and clear visuals – as well as a peak brightness that we're told can hit 500 nits – add a striking visual element to the cooler, making it a focal point in any vibrant PC build. It could also be said that it has a functional side too if the PC case is placed in such a way that the user can turn to the LCD screen for real-time information.

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  • alyarb - Friday, June 28, 2024 - link

    I'm so old I still have a Lian-Li PC60 Reply
  • James5mith - Friday, June 28, 2024 - link

    I customized the hell out of my PC60 back in the day. Even had one of the purple anodized variants at one point. Reply
  • PeachNCream - Friday, June 28, 2024 - link

    "...with more than just a touch of modern flair..."

    I know writing is hard, but that one was like the local hair stylist trying to sell me a bottle of conditioner or some half-baked home improvement television series starving for words to fill the silence so the audience doesn't find something else to visually assault themselves with.
  • thestryker - Friday, June 28, 2024 - link

    Do we know if this pump is an Asetek or their in house design?

    An AIO with a screen isn't really up my alley, but I know with the Galahad II the one with a screen was Asetek and the others were the in house design.
  • Eliadbu - Sunday, June 30, 2024 - link

    I don't know if it's in house design, but Asetek gen 8 pumps have distinct coldplate
    which squared and has different shape and screw holes than their own stuff, by the look of this AIO it looks more like their normal and performance trinity and not like Asetek design.
  • GeoffreyA - Saturday, June 29, 2024 - link

    I'm curious what happened to the site yesterday, all the comments being locked. Reply
  • Ryan Smith - Saturday, June 29, 2024 - link

    We were doing maintenance, which goes a lot faster with the DB locked. Reply
  • GeoffreyA - Saturday, June 29, 2024 - link

    All right. Thanks. Reply
  • Mikad - Sunday, June 30, 2024 - link

    Are the first paragraphs of these recent articles AI generated? Asking because they are cringeworthy. Reply
  • Ryan Smith - Tuesday, July 2, 2024 - link

    No. Company policy doesn't allow us to use AI writing tools. Also, AIs make for terrible tech writers.

    (That said, some days it's hard to write a good intro, especially when you've already written so many. Can't win 'em all, but we try!)

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