Lian Li Industrial Co., Ltd., established in 1983, is a Taiwanese company specializing in the manufacture of computer cases, power supplies, and accessories. They are one of the oldest players in the PC market and are known for their focus on aluminum-based designs. Lian Li produces a range of products aimed at both consumer and industrial markets, with the company's offerings including mid-tower and full-tower cases and more compact cases for smaller builds. Amongst consumers and PC enthusiasts, Lian Li's products are recognized for their build quality, modularity, and innovative features, catering to a diverse set of needs in the PC building community.

This review focuses on the latest addition to Lian Li's PSU lineup: the EG1000 Platinum ATX 3.1 PSU. This power supply unit partially complies with the ATX 3.1 design guide (the paragraphs related to electrical quality and performance). It is designed to meet the demanding requirements of modern gaming PCs, with its specifications indicating good efficiency and robust power delivery. Featuring fully modular cables with individually sleeved wires, dynamic fan control for optimal cooling, and advanced internal topologies, the EG1000 Platinum aims to provide both reliability and performance. However, behind its long list of features, the highlight of the EG1000 Platinum is the shape of the chassis itself, which forgoes the ATX cuboid shape and standard length.

Lian Li Edge EG1000 ATX 3.1
Power specifications ( Rated @ 50 °C )
RAIL +3.3V +5V +12V +5Vsb -12V
MAX OUTPUT 20A 20A 83A 3A 0.3A
120W 996W 15W 3.6W
AC INPUT 100 - 240 VAC, 50 - 60 Hz
MSRP $ 190

Packaging and Bundle

The Lian Li EG1000 Platinum ATX 3.1 PSU comes in straightforward, effective packaging. The outer box is L-shaped, designed to hint at the PSU's unique shape, while the unit itself is protected during shipping by a nylon pouch and dense packaging foam, ensuring it arrives in pristine condition.

The bundle goes slightly beyond the essentials, including mounting screws, the necessary AC power cable, and a basic manual, as well as a few cable ties and a PCI slot cover for routing external cables.

This PSU features a fully modular design, allowing for the removal of all DC power cables, including the 24-pin ATX connector. The cables are all-black, from connectors to wires, and each one is individually sleeved, contributing to the unit's premium aesthetic and improving cable management options. The 12V-2x6 cable is a minor exception, with the tips of the connectors being blue. There is also a relatively short (300 mm) SATA cable with four consequent SATA connectors, which should be very useful in smaller cases with arrays of drives. A reusable cable strap holds every single cable.

The ATX, 12V CPU, and PCI Express cables have four preinstalled wire combs. The wire combs can be easily moved to any position across the cable or removed completely should the user wish to.

Lian Li Edge EG1000 ATX 3.1
Connector type Hardwired Modular
ATX 24 Pin - 1
EPS 4+4 Pin - 2
EPS 8 Pin - -
PCI-E 5.0 - 1
PCI-E 8 Pin - 4
SATA - 12
Molex - 4
Floppy - -

The Lian Li EDGE EG1000 Platinum ATX 3.1 PSU

External Appearance

The Lian Li EG1000 Platinum ATX 3.1 PSU is housed in a unique chassis that measures 182 mm long, considerably longer than the standard ATX dimensions. This increased length is due to the L-shaped design, where the cable connectors are placed horizontally, making the body deeper. The extended length and design might require careful consideration of cable paths in standard cases, as the unit is primarily designed with dual chamber cases in mind.

The EG1000 Platinum ATX 3.1 PSU's aesthetic is minimalist, featuring a smooth and simple matte black paint finish. The left and right sides are entirely covered by large stickers, with the left side displaying purely decorative elements and the right side providing detailed electrical specifications and certifications. The bottom of the unit is equipped with a unique mesh fan finger guard that spans its entire surface, with a badge bearing the company's logo on the lower left corner, contributing to the sleek appearance.

The front side of the PSU is home to the standard on/off switch and AC cable receptacle. The rear is more complex, featuring an internal USB connector hub that allows users to connect multiple devices requiring an internal USB header. This is particularly useful for those with motherboards that have limited USB headers. The modular cable connectors are clearly organized and labelled for easy and error-free connections, although they are not colour-coded.


Internal Design

The Lian Li EG1000 Platinum ATX 3.1 PSU is equipped with a Hong Hua HA1225M12F-Z 120 mm fan, which features a Fluid Dynamic Bearing (FDB) engine. This type of fan is well-regarded for its quality and longevity and is commonly found in high-end power supplies. It has a modest maximum speed of 2000 RPM, which should be sufficient considering the unit's high efficiency.

The Lian Li EG1000 Platinum ATX 3.1 PSU is manufactured by Helly Technology, a relatively young but reputable OEM founded in 2008 in China. Despite its shorter history, Helly Technology has established a solid presence in the power supply market with platforms supporting mid to high-tier products.

The input stage features a modest transient filter with two Y capacitors, one X capacitor, and two filtering inductors, which is somewhat less effective than those found in other high-tier units. Two rectifying bridges on a dedicated heatsink handle the AC voltage input. The Active Power Factor Correction (APFC) setup includes three MOSFETs (PTA28N50) and a diode on the large heatsink across the edge of the PCB, as well as a large inductor and two EPCOS 470 μF capacitors.


In the primary stage, the Lian Li EG1000 utilizes a full-bridge LLC topology with four OSG55R190F MOSFETs from Oriental Semiconductor mounted on a dedicated heatsink. The secondary stage employs eight G013N04G MOSFETs located on the underside of the main PCB to generate the primary 12V rail, while the 3.3V and 5V rails are produced by DC-to-DC circuits. The secondary side capacitors include a mix of Rubycon and Nippon Chemi-Con products, all from Japanese manufacturers known for their high quality.

Cold Test Results (~25°C Ambient Temperature)


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  • meacupla - Friday, July 5, 2024 - link

    When I first saw this, I thought it was pretty clever. It doesn't have a cluttered front end because the power circuitry is on a single PCB.

    But they missed an opportunity to improve cooling by poking some holes in the front end. Yes, it'll dump heat back into the case, but it fixes airflow dead zones in and at the front of the PSU.
  • Samus - Friday, July 5, 2024 - link

    I suspect what you mentioned would also improve the average cooling capability as shown in testing as well. However, there is nothing stopping a perspective buyer from taking the cover off and going to town with a drill - though a drill press with a template would be the most adequate option. Alternatively you could take it to a machine shop that could stamp out a 5mm honeycomb grid in couple minutes, most shops have those dies. Reply
  • Techie4Us - Saturday, July 6, 2024 - link

    Agreed, but that's what I have a dremel tool for :D Reply
  • deil - Wednesday, July 10, 2024 - link

    in psu alone, it's not an issue, anything that heats up can just be slapped with a thermal pad, and have a component to case as "good enough" cooling.
    Still I love the idea of those doing double duty, so random opening that just perfectly blow on random VRM, that would be a perfectionist dream.
  • dontlistentome - Friday, July 5, 2024 - link

    So so close.
    'Power on the edge' All you needed on that sub was an L:
    'Power on the ledge'
  • mode_13h - Friday, July 5, 2024 - link

    I understand Lian Li needs to try and grow beyond the case market, but I wish they'd still cater to some niches in that market.

    For instance, I wish I could buy a black, aluminum tower case for the Pi 5. The NUC market is another area where it'd be nice if we had old school anodized black aluminum Lian Li cases available.

    Even in the conventional case market, I feel like Lian Li has gone too far in one direction. This year, I bought a small footprint mid-tower ATX case and none of the current models from Lian Li ticked all of my boxes.
  • meacupla - Friday, July 5, 2024 - link

    Lian Li does custom orders. Reply
  • ballsystemlord - Friday, July 5, 2024 - link

    What "boxes" didn't they tick? Reply
  • Slash3 - Saturday, July 6, 2024 - link

    Lian Li does a tremendous amount of industrial and commercial products. Computer cases are arguably their smallest segment. Reply
  • croc - Saturday, July 6, 2024 - link

    Interesting PSU, but you'd better carefully check if it meets your use case. For me, in 2 different builds it would just not work. Reply

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